Discriminatory Tech Actions

On March 21st, 2018, SESTA passed the Senate (97-2). President Trump signed FOSTA-SESTA into law on April 11th. FOSTA-SESTA was sold as “anti-human trafficking” legislation; however, what it actually does is give online platforms the power and incentive to censor their users for fear of  “facilitating” sex work and push workers into less safe working environments. The internet is a public space, now being policed with tactics akin those used for ‘cleaning up’ sex workers from public view – processes that are inextricable from racial and gender profiling. Creating barriers for sex workers to access resources and the loss of online spaces is not something that is new; FOSTA-SESTA has just created an infrastructural precedent to expedite the process. Here is an incomplete list of discriminatory actions against sex workers and websites that have been taken down:

Before SESTA we have seen the removal of websites such as:

-Craigslist Erotic Serivces, Rentboy, Backpage

Since SESTA passed on Tuesday, March 21, 2018 we have documented the following actions taken by tech platforms:

Liara Roux and Ashley Lake have compiled an incomplete list of discriminatory tech actions here.