Event: Sex Worker Activism: Barriers, Exclusion, and Organizing

Access to online space is a significant part of sex worker organizing, serving as an important site for community building, social support, and safety information. And yet sex workers face systemic exclusion from platforms and services through discriminatory Terms of Use, whorephobic community standards, algorithmic profiling, and the global impact of laws such as FOSTA/SESTA. Sex workers who work and organize online face risks like: stalking, doxxing, the sale of personally identifiable information,  and the misuse of data among law enforcement for the purposes of criminalization or deportation. This panel explores how sex worker activists navigate hostile tech policies and continue to fight for labor rights, decriminalization, and community survival. Moderated by Lorelei Lee.

David Gonzalez is the Presidente of the Asociacion Goover which is an organization of men sex workers founded in 2006 in the city of Quito, Ecuador. He has been secretary of the Union of Sexual Workers of Quito since 2017 and has worked on the Collective Marcha De Las Putas since 2017. he has been a member of plaperts (platform of people who perform sex work) since 2018, and is the current chairman of the board of directors of PLAPERTS an organization that has been a member of the NSWP (Global Network Of Sex Work Projects) since 2018 and of the ILGA world (the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, And Intersex Association) since 2020. David is a member of the council of sexogeneric diversities, and has advocated for more than 18 years in sexual and reproductive rights, integral HIV health, and currently on COVID, themes of human mobility, gender, transfeminist feminism, & labor rights.

Milcah Halili is the Director of Engineering at Chani Nicholas Incorporated. They are a writer, software engineer, and activist. Milcah is currently working on an app for sex workers that mixes design elements of Instagram and OnlyFans and plans on integrating cryptocurrency as a core feature of the platform.

Naomi Lauren has been in leadership at Whose Corner Is It Anyway since its founding in Oct 2017. Her areas of responsibilities at WCIIA include bookkeeping, logistics, and leadership development. She sits on too many subcommittees.  Naomi has spoken at Harvard Law School, Mt Holyoke College and the Massetchusetts state chapter of NOW.  She is a research consultant at Hacking/Hustling where she contributed to Erased- The Impact of FOSTA SESTA and The Removal of Backpage. Naomi is also a founding member of DecrimMA- a grassroots coalition of sex workers fighting for liberation and genuine