Event: Work and Anti-Work: What Are People in the Sex Trades Fighting For?

This panel begins from the question: Why “sex work?” rather than some other framing in fighting for the liberation of people in the sex trades? Why is trading sex called work and not, for example, anti-work? This panel will take a disability-centered approach and will feature members of the Disabled Sex Workers’ Coalition. Speakers include Maitresse Madeline, femi babylon, Kitty Milford, and Jaylanee; moderated by Lorelei Lee.

femi babylon— formerly known as suprihmbé— is a genderfluid byke, hoodoo-american, and erotic labor theorist who coined “proheaux womanist” and “proheauxism.” In 2018 she won a grant from the Party Noire Collective and went on to publish libra season. Known as thotscholar on Twitter, she catapulted into the realm of notorious on social media by tweeting about poverty, erotic labor, race, reproductive justice, and bisexuality. A born and bred midwestern genius, her words have been published in VICE, Wear Your Voice, Autostraddle, Afropunk, and Yale University’s LPE Blog. She is also a member of the SWOP-USA Board of Directors. Her work is available at thotscholar.com.

Madeline Marlowe has been a sex work activist since 2013; and a professional dominatrix for nearly two decades. She has been producing porn since 2005, and is currently based in Las Vegas.

Kitty Milford is a sex worker and disability justice activist. She’s working on a book about abolition and disability justice which includes a chapter on disability and sex work. She is also a founding member of the Upstate New York Sex Worker Coaltition. She’s based in central NY state.