Magazines, Backpages & Obscenity

moses moon (thotscholar), Stephanie Kaylor, Kate D’Adamo

References to Explore

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  • [Book] Sex Wars – Lisa Duggan (NYU)
  • [Video] Carmencita, 1894, the first woman in front of a Thomas Edison camera, and the first thing to be banned
  • [Short Story – and not a very good one] “Hatrack”, a short story about a sex worker who takes her Catholic clients to a Protestant cemetery and vice versa. The story was banned, but HL Mencken reproduced it in his literary magazine. He was arrested in a public spectacle which he orchestrated, making it one of the most famous arrests of a magazine seller during the Comstock enforcement. 
  • [Video] Papa Joe’s Go Go Controversy, Roanoke, VA, 1965

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