EARN IT Act – Harm Reduction Guide

With the EARN IT Act on the horizon we want to build power and community care. We compiled this quick harm reduction guide of things you can do right now to take care of yourselves and each other!

As we organize around our opposition to EARN IT, here are a few things harm reduction tips that you can do right now to stay connected and make sure you don’t lose important information and community.

  1. Remember- We don’t all trade sex under the same circumstances and not all of us have access to the same online tools. Not all of this may be applicable to you or how you work, so please take whatever is useful, ignore the rest and take care of each other!
  2. Social media is not a stable platform for sex workers. We are shadowbanned and loose accounts at a significantly higher rate than our peers. Having multiple ways to stay in touch with clients and community can help in the event of losing an account.
  3. It is important to stay connected! Start collecting e-mail addresses and build a mailing list. Having a list of how to get in touch with clients and community is helpful in case you lose access to your social media accounts.
  4. Back your shit up! Download backups of everything! You can archive your social media posts, google drive docs, website text, and images. Keep multiple backups if you can, including a hard drive.
  5. Direct clients to your e-mail! Ask clients what the best way to stay in touch is. Make sure your favorite clients know how to get in touch with you too!
  6. If your sex work account is deleted it’s not your fault!

Want to know more about why we oppose the EARN IT Act? Click here.

(These harm reduction tips, in response to the EARN IT Act, are visualized below on 7 tiles of light pink, blue and yellow background with the graphic of a web browser and a teal bar on the bottom with a heart on it)

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