#FuckEarnIt Twitter Power Hour

Oppose Earn It Act SB 3398.
Oppose Earn It Act SB 3398 and harms vulnerable communities including sex workers and youth.


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Tune in and participate in our power hour from 1-2 PM EST on April 2nd to raise awareness and take action against “Earn It!” Use the sample tweets, graphics and linked articles to share knowledge and push back against state surveillance! Use our “Email Ur Electeds” guide to put these elected officials on BLAST!


Our #FuckEarnIt POWER HOUR Starts NOW! Tune in for information and resources about the dangerous “EARN IT Act of 2020″ (S. 3398)! We’ll also share actions you can take to help shut this bill down! #EarnItEndsEncryption 

What is “EARN IT”? The full title is: Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies Act of 2020 or the “EARN IT Act of 2020”, introduced March 5, proposed by @LindseyGrahamSC (R-SC) and @SenBlumenthal (D-CT), drafted Trump’s Justice Department. #FuckEarnIt

The act claims to address child sexual abuse online by threatening to allow more lawsuits against websites over user-created content and communication, unless those sites comply with new government imposed speech guidelines. #FuckEarnIt

“Earn It” would create a 19 person, cherry-picked commission to set government control of online speech, which digital security experts believe is a thinly veiled attempt to mandate encryption backdoors. In practice, ending encryption. #FuckEarnIt #EarnItEndsEncryption

“Earn It (S. 3398)” is a clear extension and expansion of #SESTA #FOSTA; even more aggressively geared toward surveillance and government anti-encryption crackdowns. Remember how hard we fought before? We need that level of commitment, and more, again! #FuckEarnIt 

We need education and concerted efforts to oppose and defeat the so-called “EARN IT Act of 2020″ (S. 3398), especially from fellow sex working/trading and hustling comrades already invested in ending state surveillance and its rampant whorephobic punishment policies. #FuckEarnIt

ACTIONS you can take to raise awareness! First, share this community-educational, created by a crew of dedicated renegade comrades and workers, that breaks down the “Earn It” bill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=eIy23KNCPYY&feature=emb_logo #FuckEarnIt #EarnItEndsEncryption 

ACTIONS you can take to raise awareness! Share this transcript of our community educational, created by a crew of dedicated renegade comrades and workers, that breaks down the “Earn It” bill: https://hackinghustling.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/WTFISEARNITACT-1.pdf   #FuckEarnIt #EarnItEndsEncryption 

ACTIONS you can take to raise awareness! Spend some time reviewing this section-by-section break down of the “Earn It” bill with your community and close comrades: https://hackinghustling.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Section-by-section-032420.pdf #FuckEarnIt #EarnItEndsEncryption 

ACTIONS you can take to raise awareness! Fill out this community activation survey to share how this will impact you, your friends + fellow workers, and what you want to see done about it! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/earnit #FuckEarnIt #EarnItEndsEncryption 

If you care about free speech, dissent, freedom of expression online, your fellow queer and trans sex workers of color, drug-using workers, harm reduction advocates, and political opponents of the current administration, you should care about smashing this act. #FuckEarnIt

Do you value privacy online? Do you want to avoid social media surveillance from the government? #FuckEarnIt #EarnItEndsEncryption 

Defend the internet as we know it–tell your representative to stop the EARN IT Act #FuckEarnIt

Why is encryption important? “To normalize communication outside of state surveillance methods. Encryption keeps my undocumented friends safer and my organizing comrades safer.” #FuckEarnIt #EarnItEndsEncryption 

“Encryption is essential to my survival as a sex worker.”  #FuckEarnIt #EarnItEndsEncryption 

“Privacy and encryption are rights that we shouldn’t have to argue for and should not be able to be taken away.”  #FuckEarnIt #EarnItEndsEncryption 

“I could be placed in harm’s way because my privacy was violated.”  #FuckEarnIt

“Activists are already endangered for freely speaking about certain strategies, tactics or beliefs openly. Encrypted platforms allow for these subversive conversations to happen without fear of retribution from back door viewing.”  #FuckEarnIt #EarnItEndsEncryption 

“To me, encrypted communication is a way of practicing consent. My information and the information of people I’m speaking with should stay between us, not be distributed to people who could use our data without our informed consent.”  #FuckEarnIt

“Everyone deserves privacy especially from a predatory government.”  #FuckEarnIt

“ I use the encrypted messaging platform Signal to communicate with other sex workers, sharing resources and doing safe calls. Encryption keeps me safe from state violence!”

“It baffles me… The EARN IT ACT is like a blank check for a few people to write anything they want into law.” #FuckEarnIt

If the EARN IT passes “I would live in fear of being doxed / outed/ or stalked by clients or losing online resources which are already precarious.” #FuckEarnIt

“This bill would destroy the reliability of the safety of avenues for PRIVATE and essential communication for not only sex workers but many other marginalized and struggling groups and individuals” #FuckEarnIt #EarnItEndsEncryption 

“ i do sex work because i can’t do mainstream work because i am disabled. this bill would limit my access to sex work and push me into poverty.” #FuckEarnIt #LetUsSurvive

“As sex work moves online more and more during this pandemic, sex workers will increasingly rely on encryption methods to keep us safe from state surveillance of the criminal act of protecting each other.” #FuckEarnit #COVID19

Why is Encryption Important to Sex Workers and Survivors?

“It’s important to me for us to normalize communication outside of state surveillance methods. Encryption keeps my undocumented friends safer and my organizing comrades safer.” #FuckEarnIt #EarnItEndsEncryption 

“In this time of COVID, we’re all relying on encryption to maintain our work flow from home over email, teleconference, and chat.” #FuckEarnit #COVID19

The EARN IT bill seeks to end online privacy and encryption, putting leftist organizers, sex educators, LGBTQ people and especially sex workers in the crosshairs of state surveillance and violence. #FuckEarnit #COVID19

Do you value privacy online? Do you want to avoid social media surveillance you on behalf of the government? #stopEARNIT #FuckEarnIt

Why is encryption important? “Because of the work I do as an organizer, it’s important that I use encrypted platforms. I also believe privacy is a fundamental human right and that no one deserves to have their conversations monitored.”  #FuckEarnIt #EarnItEndsEncryption


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