Vision & Purpose

Sex Work, Technology, and Social Justice

Hacking//Hustling is a collective of sex workers and allies working at the intersection of technology and social justice issues. We come from backgrounds of sex work, public health, data science, community organizing.

Hacking//Hustling was created in response to the imposed threat of FOSTA-SESTA, Melissa Gira Grant and Danielle Blunt presented ‘Dystopia Now: Erasing the Internet by Erasing Sex Workers’ at Data and Society’s Future Perfect Conference and then partnered with Eyebeam NYC to host Hacking//Hustling: A Platform for Sex Workers in a Post-SESTA World,a two-day event consisting of a panel discussion of sex workers followed by peer-led, harm-reduction tech programming and community art exhibition. We seek to create educational programming for sex workers, best practice trainings for healthcare providers and people developing technology and legislation, as well as programming that continues to bridge the gap between these often dissonant communities.